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{SPEAKER name="Dennis Brutus"}

[[they laugh]]which I think is one of the most beautiful--

{SPEAKER name= {"Brooks B. Robinson"}
Thank you. Very much. Yes. In fact, the kind of interest that you have in this literature is not only that of a man who wants to analyze it, to dissect it, uhh to put it back together and say this is a poem and so on, but of someone who enjoys it as literature, uhh just what you've given us now, is not uhh and [??] uhh additive to the literature, but almost like one who has the creative umm uhh talent in himself, one who approaches it also as an artist. Now you have written umm creatively yourself, I know you've written a poem called "they shoot children don't they?" a poem inspired by the holocaust, the murder of ahh [??] many children in South Africa

[00:11:14] {Dennis Brutus} well, of course, the title is really a skit on the other one, "they shoot horses don't they?" but I thought it was this, just this irony [??] "they shoot children don't they?" so I wrote this "they shoot children don't they? a repeat performance of the slaying of the innocence, see chapter so and so, verse so and so, of the old or new testament. [??] the story of an ancient hide and seek reads like a fairytale

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