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18  B.R.F & A.L. 1866
Endorsement upon application of David R. Lindsay that he be appointed a Commissioner for his County; at Florence 

Officer Assistant Commissioner 
Bureau R.F & A.L.
Montgomery Ala. Jany 19, 1866

Respectfully referred to Br Col J.B. Callis, Supt &c with directions to employ the services of David R. Lindsay, Florence, Ala. as far as his services are available
By order of
Brvt Maj Gen Wager Swayne
Asst Comsr
(Sd) M.C. Wilkinson 
Capt & A.A.A.G

19 B.R.F & A.L. 1866
Endorsement on letter of H.M. Stinson Bvt Lt Col & A.D.C. in reference to the Quartermaster at Mobile who spoke disrespectfully of the Bureau.
See E M No 1. 1866
Office Supt 
B.R.F & A.L.
Mobile, Ala. Jany 9. 1866
Respectfully returned with the statement that the officer referred to in this letter is Capt E.P. Graves A.Q. M. Vols. I Know nothing of the matter personally but send herewith the statements of Lieuts Fuller & Dinan.
(Sd) G.D. Robinson
Col & Supt 
B.R.F. & A.L.
Dist of Mobile 


20 B.R.F & A.L. 1866
[[strikethrough]]M[[/strikethrough]] Memorandum of papers forwarded to Maj Gen C.R. Woods with letter of Jany 19, 1866 in which M.S. Foote submits copies of “Bill of Sale” and order of Gen Granger asking for possession of The Stmr Mary

2. Bill of Sale, S’d by D.O. Grady to M.S. Foote of Stmr Mary for consideration of Eleven Thousand Pounds Sterling, of date
April 6th 1866

3 Order of Gen. Gordon Granger, approved by Adml Palmer, Comdr  Naval Forces, Mobile, River. Granting permission to M.S. Foote to proceed up the Tombigbee River to bring back the Stmr Mary, of 
date April 14, 1866

21 B.R.F & A.L 1866
Endorsement upon application of Wm Gaston Sergt Major 12th U.S.C. Infty, that his property be protected in his absence
Bureau R.F. & A. L.
Office Asst Comsr Ky & Tenn
Nashville. Jany 14, 1866
Respectfully forwarded to Brvt Maj Gen Wager Swayne Asst Comsr for Alabama, at Montgomery, Ala. with request that he protect the property of Sergeant Gaston in his absence.
(Sd) Jno H. Cochran
B. Lt Col & A.A.G.
(In the absence of Gen C. B. Fisk)
Office Assistant Commissioner
Bureau R. F. & A. L.
Montgomery, Ala. Jany 20, 1866
Respectfully forwarded to Brvt Col J. B. Callis