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31   B.R.F & A.L   1866
Endorsement on [[strikethrough]]report[[/strikethrough]] letter of G.D. Robinson Col & Supt at Mobile in reference to the kidnapping of negroes

Office Asst Comr.
B.R.F. & A.L.
Montg Jany 27. 66

Respectfully forwarded for the information of Maj Gen O.O. Howard Coms'r.

Bt Maj Gen

32 B.R.F & A.L. 1866
Endorsement on application of J.T. Helpin for renewal of transportation

Office Asst Coms'r.
B.R.F & A.L.
Montg Jany 27 1866

Respectfully to J.T. Helpin with the information that this transportation cannot be renewed by this office.
By order of Bt Maj Gen Wager Swayne
M.C. Wilkinson
Capt & A.A.A.G

33   B.R.F & A.L
See E M No 2. 1866
Office Asst Commissioner
Bureau R.F & A.L.
Montgomery Ala, Jany 27 1866

Bvt Maj C.W. Pierce will transfer to the Trustees of the Demopolis Female Academy the property within mentioned provided he can dispense with it.
By order of Bvt Maj Gen Wager Swayne


34   B.R.F & A.L.   1866
Endorsement on order of Provost Marshall directing that certain stock be retained on plantation of J. Bragg.

Office Asst Commissioner
B.R.F. & A.L.
Montg'y Ala. Jany 16 1866

Although the within order is suspended by order of the Secretary of War, refering such cases to this office the ruling is substantially correct and the facts when shown will confirm the title.
(Sd) Wager Swayne
Bt Maj Gen & Asst Comsr.

35   B R F. & A.L.   1866
Endorsement in letter of Jno. B. Callis Supt &c that his Assistant has been transferred.

Office Asst Comsr
B R F & A.L.
Monty. Jany 30 1866

Respectfully forwarded Maj Gen G.H. Thomas Comd'r. M. D. Mississippi with the request that this officer may be continued in his present duty.

Bt Maj Gen &c.

36   B. R F & A.L.   1866
Endorsement on letter of F.A. Seely Capt &c on behalf of a col'd woman who desires the whereabouts of her son

Office Asst Coms'r.
B.R F & A.L.
Montgomery Jany 30 1866

Respectfully referred to G.A. Harmount Asst. Supt.

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