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[[left margin]] Head Quarters Dist of Ala 1223 [[/left margin]]

C 113 Endorsement on letter of Cobb & Foster.
War Department B.R.F. & A.L. Washington March 13th 1867.
Respectfully referred to Major General Wager Swayne Asst Commr. of Ala for prompt action the same to be reported to these Head Quarters.
By order of Maj Genl O O Howard
Ford Wooster Owen
Chief Clerk & A.A.A.G.
Respectfully returned to the Asst Adjt. General Bureau of Refugees &c. Washington D.C. and attention invited to enclosed copies of letter's endorsements &c. No reply has been received to Lieut Conynghams letter to Cobb & Foster.  The claim is supposed to be made under an order forged by the Claimant.
Wager Swayne
Major General
April 5th 1867. 

[[left margin]] Head Qrs Dist of Ala 1224 [[/left margin]]

O 109 Endorsement on letter of Bvt Capt PE OConnor Office A.A.Q.M. B.R.F & A.L. Demopolis Ala March 15th 1867
Respectfully returned to Lieut J F Conyngham A.A. Genl Sub Dist of Ala thro Bvt Maj C W Pierce Supt B.R.F & A.L. Before forwarding the enclosed rolls I read G.O. 79 War Dept A.G.O. series 1866 and was of opinion that the within named enlisted man he being detailed as clerk was entitled to extra pay. In that opinion I was and am confirmed by a communication from the Second Comptroller of the Treasury Dept. to the Com. Genl. of Subsistence, of which the following is a true copy and to which your attention is respectfully invited.
Treas Dept Second Comptroller office October 29th 1866
Sir.  In reply to your letter of the 26th inst I would state that in my opinion enlisted men detailed as clerks under the 7th section of the Act of July 13th 1866 should be noted as Artificers and allowed thirty five (35) cents per day in addition to their regular pay see G.O. 79 A.G.O. 1866.  Very Respectfully
(Signed) J.M Broadhead
General A.B. Eaton
Com. Genl. Subsistence U.S.A.
P.E. O'Connor.
Bvt Capt & 1st Lieut V.R.C. & A.A.Q.M. 
Office Sub Asst Commr B.R.F. & A.L. Demopolis Ala March 15 1867
Respectfully forwarded
C W Pierce
Bvt. Maj. V.R.C. &
Sub Asst Commr
Respectfully returned disapproved. The attention of Bvt. Capt P.E. O'Connor is a third time invited to G.O. No 79 War Dept 


A.G.O series 1866 especially to the enclosed copy, which "marked" &c
These papers will not be again sent to this office.
By order of Maj Genl. Wager Swayne
J.F. Conyngham
1st Lieut 24 U.S.I. & A.A.A.G.
April 6th 1867 

[Left margin:  Head Qrs Dist of Ala]

L 215
Endorsement on letter of George Little
Eufaula Ala. March 30th 1867   I have the honor to transmit herewith the inclosed papers with the information that the within named Ellen Parker, now living at Eufaula Ala is in comfortable circumstances has a house rented and takes in work thus supporting herself and children said child is fourteen months old said Ellen Parker is not now nor ever has been dependant upon the Government for support yet seems very anxious to go to her people who from her statement are able and willing to support her and the the child Said Ellen Parker has a good name but is only able to make a present support and is somewhat advanced in years.
C.P. Wheeler
Teacher of Freedmens school Eufaula Ala.
Respectfully returned to Bvt Brig Genl Whittelesy Chief Q M. Bureau Washington D.C. and attention invited to endorsement of C.P. Wheeler Teacher at Eufaula Ala.
Wager Swayne
Major General
April 6th 1867

[left margin:  Hd Qrs Dist of Ala 2]

C 114  Endorsement on letter of Bvt Brig Genl J.B. Callis
Respectfully forwarded 
Wager Swayne 
Major General
April 6th 1867


[Left margin: Hd Qrs Dist of Ala 3]

P 55. Endorsement on letter of RH Powell
Respectfully referred to CW Buckley Supt of Education
By order of Maj Genl Wager Swayne
JF Conyngham
1st Lieut 24 U.S.I. & A.A.A.G. 
April 6th 1867 


[Left margin:  Hd Qrs Dist of Ala. 4]

C 115  Endorsement on letter of Citizens of Shelby Co. 
Hd Qrs Sub Dist of Selma, March 27 1867 Respectfully forwarded to Lieut J.F. Conyngham A.A.G. with the request that these papers with the reply to the applicant at Columbiana Shelby Co be returned through this office
George Shorkley
1st Lieut 15 Infty &
Sub Asst Commr

Transcription Notes:
changed "R.F. & A.S." to "R.F. & A.L." (Abandoned Lands)