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D H Williams
1" Lieut 44" Inft & A.A.A.G.
May 24 1867. In the absence of the Maj. G. Comdy

[[Left Margin]] Hd Qrs Dist of Ala 110 [[/left margin]]
T31  Endorsement on letters of Lieut J S Tull
War Dept B.R.F & A.L. Washington May 7' 1867
Respectfully referred to Bvt Col S A. Edwards Chf medical officer.
By order of Maj Genl Howard
A. P. Ketchum
Act. Asst. Adjt. Genl
Respectfully returned to the A.A.A.G. Bureau B.R.F. & A.L. with the recommendation that the Board be ordered to reconvene or that another one be instituted to make a more thorough investigation of the circumstances attending the supposed theft of brandy in the giving of false invoices. There is nothing to show whether the loss occurred before or after shipment or who is responsible for it. only that Dr. Shatz is not responsible. A: examination of witnesses was made and apparently no effort to discover party or parties who were criminal in the transaction.
S. A Edwards
Bvt.Col Chf. M. O. 
Respectfully returned to the Assistant Commr of Ala for further action in accordance with the recommendation contained in the endorsement of Bvt Col S A Edwards Chf M. O. of the Bureau hereon the teams of which are hereby approved
By order of Maj Genl Howard
A.P. Ketchum
Bvt Lt Genl & A.A.A.G.
Respectfully returned to the board of survey of which I sent G.W. Ballantine 15 Inft is senior member command by S.O A:5 from these Hd Qrs. for action in accordance with endorsement of Chf Med Officer B.R.F & A.L.
By Order of Maj Genl Wager Swayne
D. H. Williams
1' Lieut 41' Inft & A.A.A.G
May 24 1867

[[left margin]] Hd Qrs Dist of Ala 111 [[/left margin]]
S174  Endorsement on Petition of A Shanklin 
Respectfully referred to Hon M. R. Patton Governor of Ala with recommendation that such steps be taken as are necessary to release Mr. Shanklin now the only responsible party on the within bond. If the parties had appeared for trial and been found guilty of the crime charged they would have been entitled to the benefit of the Governors pardon of date Feby 23 


pardoning all offences except murder and rape.
O. D. Kinsman
Sub Asst Commr
Maj Genl Swayne being absent
May 25 1867

[[left margin]] Hd Qrs Dist of Ala 112 [[/left margin]]
M72  Endorsement on letter of Wm Mitchell (cold) Huntsville Ala Mar 22 1867 Respectfully returned with the information that the within named Devens does not reside in Lawarence Co Ala and having made diligent inquiries from citizens of Courtland and others I have been entirely unable to ascertain his whereabouts. I return herewith the notes in question with the letter I received with it. I retain my receipt for the same.
John Jones
1' Lieut 7' V.R.C. Bvt Maj U.S.V.
Respectfully return to Bvt Maj Genl A C Gillen Asst Commr Miss with note of Devens enclosed and attention invited to endorsement of Bvt Maj J Jones Huntsville Ala
O. D. Kinsman
Sub Asst Commr
In the absence of the Maj Genl, Asst Commr
May 25 1867

[[left margin]] Hd Qr Dis of Ala 113 [[/left margin]]
P65 Endorsement on letter of Bvt Maj CW Piesco
Office Sub Asst Commr Demopolis Ala May 22 1867 Respectfully returned with the names of the citations in Memphis which are Maria Smith (Midwife & keeps a Restaurant) G Smith (Blacksmith) Patsy Smith (Cook) Aide Canongan (Carpenter) They also refer to D Rogers of Memphis and to W Jones 129 Monroe Street Memphis.
C.W. Pierce
Bvt Maj S.A. Commr.
Respectfully referred to the Asst Commr BRF.& AL Turn with the request that information may be furnished this office as to the circumstances of the Cold people named in the endorsement of Maj Pierce Sub Asst Commr. Demopolis Ala
O. D. Kinsman
Sub Asst Commr
In the absence of the Maj Genl, Asst. Commr
May 25 1867

[[left margin]] Hd Qrs Dis of Ala 114 [[/left margin]]
C146 Endorsement on letter of Bvt Brig Genl J. B. Callis Respectfully forwarded
Wager Swayne
Maj Genl. & Asst Commr.
May 29" 1867