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[[Left margin]]Hd Qr Dist. Ala 129 [/[Left margin]]
C140 Continuation of endorsement 190 of May 20. 1867
Office Sub Asst. Commissioner
Demopolis May 23. 1867
Respectfully returned; from information received while attending court & in Eastern Greene County. It is my opinion that the petitioner was not guilty, of wilful perjury, that the prosecution was vindication, and that he should be pardoned without delay.
(sd) C.W. Pierce
Bvt Major & Sub Asst Comms.
Respectfully forwarded to the Governor of Alabama and commended to his favorable consideration.
(sd) O.D. Kinsman
Sub asst Commissioner
In the absence of the Maj Gen Asst Comm.
May 31. 1867

[[left margin]] Hdqrts Dist of Alabama 129 #2 [[/left margin]]
Mo.71 Continuation of endorsement #90 of May 15, 1867.
Office Asst Comm Sub Dist of Mobile 
Mobile Ala May 23. 1867
Respectfully returned, upon report of this outrage being made at this office by Mr. Peters. The Monday subsequent to its occurrence.- steps were immediately taken to have it thoroughly investigated, and the guilty parties arrested if possible. - I sent to the chief of Police the note marked "A", and afterward, to the Mayor of the City, the note marked "B".- I am satisfied that every effort has been made by the civil authorities to bring the guilty parties to justice and instruction now given by the mayor to spare no effort or expense to secure this result.
Several suspected colored men have been arrested; but evidence has appeared against but one. This man Charles Robinson, was positively identified by Mr & Mrs Peters as one of the colored men concerned in the outrage and he has been committed for trial at the next term of the City Court.
The investigation by the police authorities is still going on. and it is believed that there are now defined traces of the other guilty parties.
As to the facts of this matter, there has been some exaggeration; and unnecessary inflammation was


excited in the public mind by newspaper articles.
The paper marked "C" is the statement of the Surgeon in charge of the Freedmans Hospital at this point, who being near the scene of outrage was called in to aid the sufferers. The article alluded to from the "Mobile Times" is also appended.
(sd) Geo. H. Tracy
Capt.15th Infantry Bt. Maj. U.S.A.
Sub asst Commissioner
Respectfully returned to Maj. Gen O.O. Howard Commissioner &c with endorsement report of Maj Geo H. Tracy Sub asst Comms at Mobile
(sd) O.D Kinsman
Sub asst Commissioner
In the absence of the Maj Genl asst Commr.
May 31. 1867 

[[left margin]] Hd. Qrs Dist Ala 130 [[/left margin]]
L29 Endorsement on communication of Miss. E. M. Leland of Claremont N.H. to Maj Gen. Howard requesting assistance for her sister Miss L.B. Judge Eastern, Ala 
Referred from War Dept B. R. F. & A. L. Washington May 16, 1867 /s Asst. Commr Ala. for such action as after investigation being deemed proper.
By orders of Maj Gen Howard
(sd) A. P. Ketchum
Bt Lt Col  a.a.a.g. 
Respectfully referred to Bvt Maj C. W. Pierce V.R.C. sub. asst. Comsr. Demopolis Ala. for investigation and report as to the circumstances of this case, and which it is one mostly of special duty.
By order of Maj. Gen. Wager Swayne
(sd) O.D. Kinsman
Sub Asst Commissioner
May 31,  1867

[[right margin]]Hd. Qr Dist Ala 131 [[/right margin]] 
B202 Endorsement on communication from Mr Brinson of Crawford, Russell Co Ala. stating grievances of Nathan Cox (cold) vs Frank Jones of Auburn, Ga.
Respectfully referred to Robt T Smith Sub Asst Commissioner Opelika, Alabama
By order of Maj Gen Wager Swayne
(sd) O. D. Kinsman
Sub Asst commissioner
May 31. 1867 

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