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Montg Ala
Jany 18 1866

Dr. Sir

I am informed upon what I regard as good authority that a man residing in this City by the name of Perry (Penney) who keeps a small Grocery & Liquor establishment under the Exchange Natl has recently read a large lot, said to be 300000 Havana Cigars, said to have cost in Cuba $13000. It is represented that the Cigars came from Pensacola to this City - were wagoned to Pollard and from that point by rail. They came boxed undercover to "CT Pollard" the facts in regard to this lot of Cigars looks rather suspicious. The place from which they came, the manner as they came, - strikethrough lines- the -strikethrough lines- & the party to whom they came for refers the suspicion I think that they were,,,