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Jon his X mark Armstrong 178
Dick his X mark Mack 179
Jerry Banks 180

Solomon Bryant 209
Richard Evans 210
Stephen Banks 211
John Banks 212
George McKinney 213
L. Bone 214
N. Bullock 215
J. Peters 216
J. Nelson 217
J. Sidney 218
O. Saulsbury 219
E. Sausbury 220
C. Sausbury 221
P. Covexin 222
W. Bullock 223
Efrim Sausbury Jr 224
L. Sausbury 225
R. Sausbury 226
Joe Sausbury 227
Henry Sausbury 228
L. Bullocks 229
L.A. Brogg 230
J. Michael 231
Dick Sausbury 232
E. Perrin 233
Fred Perrin 234
Monday Perrin 235
Hill Perrin 236
T. Perrin 237
D. Broggs 238
L. Rise 239
Ned Simmons 240
Bill Michael 241
D. Michael 242
S. Michael
R. Mich
H. Mich
S. Sar

Rayler X 206
W. Whitfield X 207
West Foskew X 208

John Collins
Quibe Folley
Wilson Bradfield
Ellis Scrubs X
Joshua Cawell X
John Henderson
Calton Stevens
Tom John
Nelson Doyle
Reuben [[?]] 
Tom Prince
Moses Oliver
Sam Prince
R. Williams
C West
Lewis Tolbert
George Hopkins
Lewis Sledge
Nick Glover Sr.
Aleck Glover
Nick Glover Jr. 
Dick Glover
Wm Cain
Wm Glover
Kellog Glover
Merriwether Glover
John Hairison
Lewis Enners
W. Conner
B. Curtis 
E. Echolds
C. Caster
J. Caster
J. Caster Jr

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