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Exhibit "B.'     (Copy)
This Agreement, entered into this day of January A.D 1866, by and between Henry M. Waldrom of the first Part, and certain Freedmen whose names are signed to this Agreement of the Second Part 
Witnesseth - That whereas the said Party of the First Part, and the said Parties of the Second Part have this day entered into a contract to work a certain Plantation in Greene County, Ala, known as the Cole Plantation for one year. To wit the year 1866, and to make theron a crop of cotton and corn, and other ordinary crops usually raised on Plantations in Green County - In furtherance of said contract, therefore, The Said Party of the First Part agrees and binds himself to furnish land at Two Dollars per acre, to provide for said Parties of the Second Part good and sufficient food, and the usual quantity and kind of clothing furnished to laborers in Greene County, and to procure for them, when sick, the necessary medical attention and medicines.  To provide the necessary mules & horses and oxen, Tools, corn and fodder, cotton seed, and other supplies needed in working said crop for the year as aforesaid 1866.  The said Parties of the Second Part agree and bind themselves to work on said Plantation for the year 1866, as laborers, and to do all work usually required of laborers on a cotton Plantation honestly and faithfully, to submit themselves to all reasonable rules and regulations established