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Take from me my hard & honest earning to suport him & family. Sir if this case comes under your eye you will I hope do me the favour of notifying me of the same, &c
Sir I remain your
humble servant  
Jas. F. Asher 

My address

Sir if the application refered to has been made & you have acted on the same, you will please revoke the order & give me the chance of bringing truth & justice to light, Sir I am a very poor man, have only been hear 2 years, have been sinking money ever since I have been hear, the people of ala are to sharp for a Kentuckyan, if the application have past through you to Gen. Mead please notify him of the facts in the premises, & oblige your 


Transcription Notes:
Some of these lines are not grammatically correct, and some obvious misspellings but it is word-for-word what the article says.