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Sub Dist of Demopolis B.R.F. & A.L.
Demopolis Ala March 2, 1868:

Maj. George Shorkley
Montgomery Ala

I have the honor to transmit herewith the following papers:

"Monthly Report of Sub Ass't Commissioner"
"School Report" Form 4.
"Consolidated Statement of Schools" Form 2.
"Report of Persons & Articles hired &c" Form 2 Duplicate
"Receipt Roll Persons employed" Form 15 Duplicate
"Estimate of Funds" required for March 1868.
"Vouchers No 20 for Postage
"Vouchers No 22 for C.L. Drake      $100.00
"Vouchers No 22 for J.A. Yordy       100.00
"Vouchers No 22 for T. G. Cornish     25.00
"Vouchers No 22 for C.K. Breitling    20.00
"Vouchers No 22 for Wade Hampton      20.00