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enough to hear the said orders  The party alluded to was Maj Hunters from West Point Ga

Cross Ex - The names of the party Maj Hunter two federal Soldiers Ash [[Jeremy?]] [[Mose?]] [[?]] - Wash Dunlap - [[S?]] Holmes and myself  The party had four guns & six pistols and after proceeding in the House of accused there was a gun fired fired from the window of the House does not know who fired the gun did not see Harrison that night and don't know whether he was at his house or not  He does not know whether He lives there or not  Left town about 9 oclock the House then went to was 1 1/2 miles and he and party walked it in 1/2 hour went [[?]] by R.R. Bridge which is nearer than Toll Bridge

In answer to C. Ex.
He says that the distance was about 1 1/2 miles  He says that he did not see any one in the house and does not know whether any one was in the house or not