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Same as the Coahuillas. 

Luiseno were Shoshonean family. 
Various missions were, Pale, 
San Luis Rey, 
Los Coyotes, 
San Felipe, 

Same as Coahuilla, but used the Juncus robustus mainly to get the beautiful mottled brown and red shades. 

Old Missions were Chumashan family. 
On the coast of California also known as the Santa Barbara, or Channel, Indians. These Chumash tribes were at San Luis Obispo, 
San Buena Ventura 
Santa Barbara 
Santa Inez.

Materials: Various materials were used by these Indians brought to the Missions, but for the most part they used coils of Juncus, split roots of Rhus for sewing. Baskets made in these missions were finer in weave, and of more beautiful designs, than found among any of the other Mission Indians. 

Mewuk are the Moguelumnan family. 

California from the Sierras to the San Joaquin River;
from Consumnes to the Fresno. 

Root of marsh plant (cladium mariscus). Foundation is stems of yellow grass (epicampes rigeus). 
Decoration - black is the root of the brake fern (pteridum-aquilinum). Red is the split branches of red bud (circis-occidentalis). 

Mariposan family. 
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