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June 27th 1865.

The various rules and regulations heretofore prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, in regard to the above named subjects, having been rendered nugatory in whole or in part by the changed conditions of affairs in the southern States and Executive orders and proclamations, and the War Department having assumed change of freedmen, abandoned lands,& c.., under the provisions of the act of Congress, approved March 3, 1865,the following instructions as to the duties of officers of the Treasury Department in the premises are prescribed, and will be regarded as in full force and effect immediately on the receipt thereof by any officer who action is in any wise affected thereby:

 1. All restrictions on commercial intercourse in and with States and parts of States heretofore declared in insurrection, and on the purchase, transportation and sale of the products thereof, are removed; except as to the transportation thereto or therein of arms, ammunition, articles from which ammunition is made, gray uniforms, and gray cloth; and except, also, these relating to property heretofore purchased by the agents or captured by or surrendered to the military forces of the United States. Nor will any fees or taxes be charged or collected except those imposed by the customs and internal revenue laws.  And the supervision necessary to prevent the shipment of the prohibited articles will be exercised only by the regular and ordinary officers of the customs, acting under the revenue laws of the United States. 
2. Subordinate officers discharging duties in regard to commercial intercourse, under the regulations referred to, will consider their official connection with this Department as terminating with the 30th instant, without further notice.
3. Agents for the purchase of products of insurrectionary States on Government account will close their official business, east of the 
Mississippi, with the transactions of the 13th instant; and west of it, with the transactions of the 24th instant; returning to sellers all property or money received or collected since these dates, respectively, and using such dispatch in the premises that their connection with the Department may, if possible, terminate the 30th instant.
 4. Officers of this Department charged with the duty of receiving and collecting, or having in their possession or under their control, captured or abandoned, or confiscable personal property, will dispose of the same, in accordance with regulations on the subject heretofore prescribed, at the earliest time consistent with the public interests, and will refrain from receiving such from military or naval authorities after the 30th instant. This will not be construed, however, as interfering with the operations of the agents now engaged in receiving or collecting the property recently captured, by or surrendered to the forces of the United States, whether or not covered by or included in the records, &c., delivered to the United States military or Treasury authorities, by rebel military officers, or cotton agents.  Those so acting will continue to discharge the duties thus imposed until such property is all received or satisfactorily accounted for. 

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