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the jurisdiction of the local authorities, or did not review reports from them.

"Colonies" for the accommodation of the aged & permanently disabled now in operation, during th. year at Mobile Greenville, Montgomery, Selma, Demopolis, Talladega and Decatur.

The patients at these "Colonies" received medical attendance from  th. medical officers stationed nearest them.

In attendance on th. sick refugees and Freedmen in this sisters (16) Contract Surgeons; two (2) hospital stewards: twenty one (21) male nurses and nineteen (19) female nurses were employed during the year.  Of the sisters (16) Contract Surgeons (6) six have been discharged two (2) have died; and eight (8) remain on duty.  Six (6) of the Surgeons are in charge of hospitals and the remaining two (2) are attending to sick Refugees and Freedmen at their homes.

The pay of a Contract Surgeon is one hundred (100) dollars per month; that of Steward thirty dollars ($30); the average pay of Male Attendants, eight dollars and thirty three cents ($8.33) and that of female attendants seven dollars and sixty two cents ($7.62) per month.

From [[crossed out]] October [[/crossed out]] November 1, 1865 to [[crossed out]] September 31 [[/crossed out]] October 31, 1866, there have treated - Refugees, [[crossed out]] two hundred and fifty one (251) [[/crossed out]] three hundred and five (305) of whom [[crossed out]] two hundred seventeen (217) [[/crossed out]] two hundred and sixty eight (268) have been discharged, twelve (12) have died and [[crossed out]] twenty two (22) [[/crossed out]] twenty five (25) remain under treatment - the mortality being nearly [[crossed out]] five (5) [[crossed out]] three and a half (3 1/2) per cent.

Report of Refugees, from [[crossed out]] October [[/crossed out]] November 1,1965 to [[crossed out]] September [[/crossed out]] October 31, 1866 admitted, discharged, died and remaining under treatment; [[crossed out]] October [[/crossed out]] November 1, 1866. :

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