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Thank you for writing to us.  The Center for Feminist Art Historical Studies is an affiliate of the Feminist Studio Workshop and an integral part of the teaching program.  The Center is dedicated to serious art historical research which will illuminate the work of women artists and the development of a feminist perspective through which to view history of art in general.

The Center conducts lectures and seminars and organizes research teams through the Feminist Studio Workshop and the Extension Program of the Woman's Building.  (For further information about either of these programs, write to the above address.)

The Center serves as a source for information about women's art, including course outlines, bibliographies, and more specialized consultations.  We offer a seven page bibliography on women artists from the Renaissance to the present, available for a $2 handling fee (please make check payable to Feminist Studio Workshop).  In addition, you may use our archives to conduct your research about women artists and to see our slide registry by appointment.  If you are doing research and have specific questions, we would be happy to provide you with more specialized information.

If you are interested in purchasing slides of women's art, please order Mary Garrard's Source Book, available through the mail for $2.25 from Mary D. Garragd, 7010 Aronow Drive, Falls Church, Virginia 22042.

A booklet containing course outlines, compiled by Athena Spear, can be purchased from the College Art Association, 16 E. 52nd Street, New York, New York 10022.

If you are a visual artist (including painters, sculptors, designers, architects or other art-related visual creators) you may be represented in our registry of women artists, past and present, by sending ten slides of your work, a resume, and any other pertinent information about yourself.  If, in addition, you wish to be considered for exhibitions in the Woman's Building galleries, please become a member of the Woman's Building and enjoy this among many other members' privileges (Application is included).

We are interested in your research on women artists and women's art.  In order to enlarge the archives, we ask you to send copies of any research, published or unpublished, that you have done on women artists or issues related to women's art so that we may represent your work in the archives and make it available to readers.

The Center also offers lectures and workshops for artists and art historians.  These take place at the Woman's Building and could also take place in your own group, school or community.  Please write to use for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Arlene Raven
Arlene Raven
Ruth Iskin
Ruth Iskin