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LOGGER: Cathy Drummond 
STAGE: Cultural Conservation 
DATE: 3 July 1985 
PRESENTOR: Alicia Gonzales 
GROUP NAME: [[blank line]]
REGION/STYLE: Cowboy Songs, Stories, & Poetry 

Glenn Ohrlin: guitar 
Johnny Whelan: guitar & harmonica 
Duff Severe: guitar 
Ken Trowbridge: Narrative 

1. Alongside the Santa Fe Trial: Glenn Ohrlin 
2. Ken's Snake Story & Rattle Snake Story: Ken Trowbridge 
3. Corrido: Johnny Whelan 
4. Corrido (Dance Version): Johnny Whelan 
5. Man from Louisiana Story: Duff Severe 
6. Jumbalia [[Jambalaya]]: Duff Severe 
7. The Tenderfoot: Glenn Ohrlin 
8. Reincarnation: Ken Trowbridge 
? 9. Rosita Alvires: Johnny Whelan 
10. Hawaii'n Cowboy Story: Duff Severe
11. Away Out There: Duff Severe
12. Frost on the Cowboy's Tarp: Glenn Ohrlin 
13. Ken's Doctor Story: Ken Trowbridge 
14. Three Tunes (instrumental): Johnny Wheelman 
15. Joining The Service: Duff Severe 
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