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Seattle, Washington, 
May 12, 1929. 

My dear Dr. Waugh,

I received your telegram upon our arrival in Seattle on the 10th. Our orders require the ship to touch at Seattle on the way south but the date is very indefinite. The NORTHLAND is required to remain in the Bering Sea until after the last passenger ship to Nome has departed. The VICTORIA is scheduled to leave Seattle on her last trip on October 10 but the weather at that season is an uncertain quantity and she may be delayed at Nome for several days - there is no harbor, an open roadstead - and she may not get out of the sea much before the 30th. As a result, I do not count on getting back here before November 6th. Of course, something may prevent and we may get here later; again, damage to this vessel (last year the propellor was bent in the ice) may cause us to come down earlier. The VICTORIA makes a trip in September which I assume will be the best for you unless you are able to remain with us for the full cruise. 

[[on the side]] Return on Sept Victoria

We expect several passengers on the July VICTORIA - a Dr. Geist, who is being sent to Point Barrow by the Presbyterian Board of Missions, will come up with his family and we will take them on to Barrow. He has spent several years there and you should be able to learn much of interest from him. I also expect a magazine writer, Mr. Charles. F. A. Mann, who writes for MOTORSHIP, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, etc., by the same steamer.

The mail address of the NORTHLAND for the entire cruise is %Postmaster, Seattle, Washington. Officers are allowed[[strikethrough]]s[[/strikethrough]] a limited number of radiograms free of cost - should any of your family desire to communicate with you through that medium, the message should be addressed to you (using your official title) U.S. Coast Guard Cutter NORTHLAND. %Commandant, Thirteenth Naval District, Puget Sound, Washington. The message should be sent by Western Union, land wire charges prepaid, and will be transmitted to the ship by radio without further charge. You can reply through the same channels but the message will be sent,collect, from Puget Sound to its destination as land wire charges cannot be prepaid on board ship.

We expect about ten tons of mail and some miscellaneous stores to come aboard tomorrow and should be able to get away on Tuesday, the 14th. We will stop for a few hours at Vancouver and then proceed to Unalaska where we will remain until about June 4 and 5. 

Very truly yours
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