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to me the questionnaire which you sent them last year.  There has been so many changes in that office that I could not get hold of anyone who was familiar with them.  They stated however, that they would look them up and send them to me in a few days.  You are probably aware of the fact that Dr. Parran is on detached service and has not been in charge of the Veneral Division since March 1.  He is now state health officer for New York State.  Dr. Clark is in charge of his division here and beginning yesterday Dr. Clark is acting Surgeon General for the next month or so.  He has had his hands so full with personnel matters these last few weeks that I havn't been able to get a definite statement as to whether or not he can afford to buy the films.  Just a few minutes ago however, his office told me that they thought the matter could be arranged and that they would let me know definitely by the first of next week.  AS I feel sure that they will be avle to do this we are sending out a requisition today asking for bids on the same film that you used last year and directing that it be shipped to the Northwest Division U.S. Coast Guard, Seattle, Washington, in order that you may pick it up in Seattle on your way.

Your supplies have gone forward sometime ago and the monthly report forms which you can use as monthly reports or at the end of the cruise have been sent.

Regarding the last paragraph of your letter with reference to training enlisted men to scale the teeth of the natives, I believe this will be a good idea.  I have probably been more cautious than was necessary in matters of this kind but you will undoubtedly see my point of view as long as personnel of this kind is working under the supervision of a dental officer, I am strongly for it but I have always worried a little, probably very needlessly, that a separate corps such as the Coast Guard might at some future time detail men, trained in this manner to render such treatment at stations where no dentist was on duty, and of course, under such circumstances an enlisted man might take advantage of the situation and attempt to perform operations other than scaling and polishing, with the result that a great deal of harm might be done not only to the patient but to our profession as well.  I have already had one experience in matters of this kind which caused a great deal of embarrassment.

I wish it were possible for me to be in Baltimore next Monday when you are there but from the list of my appointments and the amount of work on hand it seems that it will be impossible for me to make the trip.  I still hope and believe that I will get to make a trip to New York before you leave and if so, I will get in touch with you.

Assuring you that I will now be in a position to answer your correspondence promptly, I am

Very truly yours,

C. T. Messner.

Encl.- Letter from International Association for Dental Research.
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