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A list of the equipment and its approximate cost for one year's operation is attached herewith.  This list was compiled with the idea that it is to be used in the second division where air transportation is to be used.  It is noted that the chair ordinarily used is eliminated and a head rest capable of being attached to an ordinary chair substituted in its place.  The greater part of the year's supplies may be cached along the route by mail during the summer time and the entire weight of the equipment carried would be in the neighborhood of one hundred pounds.  The operator's personal baggage cannot exceed a hundred pounds. 
An alternate method of furnishing relief to the interior natives is to have it done on contract.  The entire interior is covered by traveling practitioners at nearly all seasons of the year and it was attempted to contact all of them this summer to determine the approximate fee at which the work could be done.  The average fee asked was $1.50 per filling or extraction but if the nurse can determine in advance those who are entitled to work and have them in the clinic at once or as fast as they can be worked out the work can be done for an average cost of $1.25.  It is impossible for the government to employ a full time operator in the second division and get the work done at a cost of less than $1.75 to $2.00 per filling or extraction.  The dentist in the first division is in direct contact with Juneau at all times and he can take care of the paper work of the contracts and the correspondence to the teachers and nurses. 
Very Respectfully
TJP:J  (signed) T.J.Pyle, Dentist
Inclosures: 1. Map of the territory showing the two divisions & approximate route of travel.
 2. List of equipment required for interior operations & its approximated cost. 
3. Chart of the incidence of carries among the natives, compiled after a year of survey
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