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Spermophilus Macrouns,
Thomomys. (col)
[[strikethrough]] Perodipus [[/strikethrough]]
Lepus Callotis?
Lepus (cottontail) (col)
Cariacus. (col)
Canis latrans.
Sciurus nyaritensis? (col)
Peromyscus (l. ceared sp) (col)
Peromyscus (sm. shortailed) (C)
Peromyscus (l. shorteared) (C)
Soux. (2 sp?) (C)
Dipodomys (C)
Neotoma. (C)

the past wk it has rained every day.
Veg. Manzanita,
MadroƱo (2 sp) - Red bark and rough bark, -
scrub oak - Oaks of several species.

Sept. 1.
Made a trip today out and up to near the top of a timbered ridge near here that appears to be cut off from the rest of the mts. near here. Found three species of Pines and a few cherry trees besides others.
Dipodomys. [[strikethrough]] Perodipus. [[/strikethrough]] Makes holes frequently two or more in number and tolerably close together

Transcription Notes:
REOPENED= 5 names were incorrect, even though person before me said they researched all the name. names were researched for clarification and correction. these are all rodents/mammals if it helps with the first missing word.

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