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79th Museum of Modern Art  Yasuo Kuniyoshi

Before I make my report this evening, I want to stress again the aims of Artists Equity Association, which is devoted to the expansion and protection of the artists economic interests. No esthetic considerations will be involved in Equity. Where our economic and cultural interests are involved we will resort to political action. 

I am to talk on the structure of Artists Equity Association, a rather dry topic, but I will try to do my best with it. Let us take a very ordinary comparison of a horse drawn two-wheeled wagon. This sturdy cart bedecked with hundreds of artists is Equity's membership. The Board of Governors are one wheel and the Regional Directors the other. The horse, who responds to giddyap and whoa, that's the officers, consisting of Honorary President, President, 6 Vice Presidents, Treasurer and Secretary.

The first wheel that was put on the wagon was the Board of Governors. This grew out of one of the meetings held at the very beginning, in which a nominating committee was appointed to draw up a list of artists for the Board and for the Regional Directors. The present Board of Governors as well as the Regional Directors were selected from these suggestions and thus both wheels were ready to get the wagon rolling. At the same time, while the wagon wasn't so full, the horse was temporarily chosen, with the understanding that he could pull the wagon for one year or up until the time when the wagon had a good load, say 500. The same would be true in regard to the terms of office of the Board of Governors and the Regional Directors.
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