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Equitys functions. This shall require research and a complete survey of the field.

Also collaborating with us is Win Nathanson, our public relations representative, who has offered us his valuable services and that of his associates, as well as the facilities of his organization, without any monetary consideration. It was he that announced our organization to the press. He too shall sit in on our meetings and we have great hopes in the articulate combination of Hudson Walker and Win Nathanson. We feel very fortunate that they have joined us.

We are planning to have a legal advisor too. There have been several generous offers from well known lawyers who have expressed a desire to work with us without any compensation. As soon as a decision is reached we shall report the results to you.

I should like to say in regard to Mr. Nathanson and a councilor, Equity would like to work this out on a business basis as soon as it is able.

For the time being our only means of keeping you informed of activities between meetings, is the news letter. You have received one already. There shall be another following this meeting and we hope eventually that this will grow into a sizeable official publication.

In summing up, I want to say that the most exiting thing about Equity from the very start has been the enthusiasm from the members, officers and the Regional Directors. I want to thank