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1. Dealer relationships
2. Museum relationships
3. Industry relationships
4. Copyright laws
5. Discounts
6. Individual legal aid
7. Reproduction fees
8. Conferences and forums
9. Artists Equity Fund
10. Artists Equity Bureau

   While Equity is concerned with immediate benefits for artists, it also believes that there are long-range objectives that should be pursued with equal vigor. To this end, we are studying plans to project and support:
   Governmental art programs
   United Nations (International exhibition and convention)
   Standard Contracts
   Television (Activising art programs; contracts and fees)
   Non-dealer Members exhibitions

   Since it is impossible to eleaborate fully on all of the above at this writing, I shall list just a few of the highlights to date. 

   Numerous members have availed themselves of the legal council that Equity offers on matters ranging from non-payment for commissioned works to dealer-artist relations. We are proud of the number of victories we have won resulting in considerable economic gains for many of our members. 
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