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We know UNESCO is challenged with some of these same problems on a scale far more complex and world-wide. Our endeavors are but a pin-point by comparison with their global dimensions. Be that so, yesterday's dreams are often today's realities.
Some time ago Artists Equity was elected to the U. S. National Commission for UNESCO. We were the only artists' organization so honored. As a logical progression, when the forthcoming conferences were planned, Equity called upon all professional American artists to participate and express their interests in an international theatre. We are here this afternoon to correlate our ideas and program. Your attendance today, signifies your desire to work for greater cultural understanding and I hope we can affirm a singleness of purpose.
We are artists of many differing esthetic ideas, good, but let us not emphasize our differences only to be weakened by dissension and separation. There is an overall reason for artists to be united. The very existence of a rich culture depends upon it. The difficult economic problems we all face - the establishment of a healthy climate for art - these two overriding problems confront us all. If we united on these, it will benefit us and the American people as well.
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