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The name of the Association shall be




The Association is formed to advance, foster, and promote the interests of those who work in the Fine Arts, including painters, sculptors and graphic artists, to protect and secure the rights of such artists in their professional activities, to procure appropriate legislation upon matters affecting their professions, to promulgate and carry into effect such policies as shall secure the united action of all members of the said professions for the common good, to prevent and abolish abuses from which those coming under the jurisdiction of the Association shall or may suffer to assist such persons in securing just and equitable contracts, agreements, and compensation in their dealings with persons connected directly or indirectly with the Fine Arts; to investigate the practice of such persons, and to take united action to abolish any unfair dealings or abuses or other conditions which are detrimental to members engaged in the said professions; to treat with persons whose activities affect the members, concerning grievances, standard contractual relations and all related and collateral practices which may affect the welfare of the members; to take such suitable action with regard to the unauthorized use of Works of Art as will protect the members in the practice of their professions; to combine and coordinate the activities of the Association with the activities of other organizations whenever such combinations or coordination shall be in the best interests of the members of the Association, and to enter into agreements for united action for the common good with other associations of artists or other persons whose cooperation shall be deemed helpful; to do or cause to be done, or to refrain from doing, such other acts or things, either as an Association or through individual members, as may be lawfully done, or as it or they may lawfully refrain from doing, which shall be advantageous to the members of the Association.



Section 1. The present and future membership shall comprise three classes, to wit, Active Members, Non-Resident Members, Associate Members and, subject to the further provisions hereof, such other classes or divisions as shall be created by the Board of Directors with the approval of the Association.

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