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George Swinton is to do a graphics job at Smith College. Edward Melcarth has just left for a jaunt across the country to Seattle, where he will work at the University of Washington.
Thomas Benton, Moses Soyer and Bruce Mitchell will enjoy the pleasures of New Orleans, where they will be guest artists at the New Orleans Academy this winter. Sue Fuller is on her way to the mid-west for ten weeks; Warren Brandt works at Pratt Institute this session.
We mention a few of the people who have been affected by joint efforts of themselves and the bureau and who are contributing fees with which we can keep the bureau going and extend ourselves to fields other than the teaching one. Ernest Watson of the American Artist is giving us a plug in his November issue of that magazine. Watch for word of your agency. 
You have received a card to be returned to Field and Stream which is part of a survey of American artists who have an interest in hunting and fishing. Please cooperate by returning the cards; there is no cost involved and you will not be badgered into buying anything.
Our time is your time, part of which is made up of seeing clients as well as applicants; therefore, interview hours for the winter are from ten to twelve on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Out of town artists are welcome, of course, at any time, and certainly clients will be taken care of at all hours. So please try to make appointments where-ever possible for the regular hours.
Thanks again to all officers and members who have turned over opening to us. We look forward to a busy and prosperous year for all!
Needed: One ceramic artist for teaching assignment in a university. About three thousand. Must be a potter with sound technical knowledge as well as creative ability. Contact Bureau if interested. Man requested; woman probably acceptable.
Minutes of Meeting of Board of Directors Held September 7, 1950
The meeting was called to order by Gurdon Woods, who read a letter from the American Institute of Architects to the San Francisco Board of Education approving and endorsing the course of action taken by Equity in the project to secure an allocation of school building funds for the purpose of murals and sculpture. This chapter is working on the furtherance of this program.
The Board appointed Ether Weiner to complete the unexpired term of Louis Siegriest as a member of the Board of Directors.
A lengthy discussion was held regarding qualifications for membership in Equity in order to define "major exhibition" in this area. Any open, juried exhibition shall constitute a "major exhibition," but any group show which is closed except to the members of the particular organization, shall not constitute and "major exhibition."
A resolution was made and passed that a membership committee be appointed to be composed of a chairman and one member each from Marin County, Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco. Of this committee one member will be invited to all Board meetings to take part in the discussion, but not to vote, in order to report back to the committee the activities of the Board. It was agreed that any and all other committees would be invited to send a representative to the director's meetings when something on the agenda was of especial interest to their committee. Mr. Woods recommended Lenore Woolams of Mill Valley for the chairmanship of the Membership Committee. The Board approved that recommendation.
Emmy Lou Packard made a suggestion that a letter be written to the New York office of Equity asking if a different type of jury system might be investigated and recommended to the Metropolitan Museum for use in their next exhibition. A system based on choosing jurors from the different aesthetic fields and allowing each juror to make his individual choice was discussed. This subject will be further discussed at the next general meeting.
Ethel Weiner reported on the shipment of paintings to Santa Barbara for the Metropolitan show. In discussing the matter of financing the pick-up service, Emmy Lou Packard suggested that the museums might be willing to contribute toward this expense for the sake of having paintings removed promptly after the close of exhibitions. This will be investigated.
Leah Hamilton is working on the raising of funds for the Artists File project, and will make a later report on this matter.
Emmy Lou Packard reported that Equity's plan for the Art Festival has been officially adopted in principle by the Art Commission, but that it was found necessary to cut down the prize money to $4,000. The official plan is being mimeographed and will be widely distributed. In answer to possible criticism of the plan she pointed out that the show would have been cancelled altogether if Equity's plan, the only one brought forward, had not been adopted, and that the Art Commission, and not Equity, made certain rulings regarding the Crafts section which may not meet with approval. The Board made the following nominations for the three-man out-of-state jury of awards for the Festival:

Katharine Kuh
Chicago Art
Rene d'Harnoncourt
Museum of Modern

Middle of the Road
Bartlett Hayes
Addison Gallery
Andover, Mass.
Karl Zerbe

Edward Hopper
New York City
Charles Burchfield
Gardenville, N.Y.

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