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Office A.C.S.
Wilmington N.C.
Jan. 3d 1867

Res'py referred to Bvt. Brig. Gen. W.W. Burnes Chf. C.S. Dpt. of the South Charleston S.C. with the request that information he furnished on the matter herein contained, be endorsed hereon, and returned as soon as may suit the General's earliest convenience.

J.W. Means
1st Lt 8 Inf and ACS

L.B.P. 34.

Office C.S Charleston
Jany 11 1866

Respectfully returned with the information that until further orders the rations will be in accordance with Circular 8 as before.

Wm. W. Burns
Bvt. Bg. Gen C.S.

Office [[?]] of Subsistence
Wilmington, N.C. Jan 14th, 1867.

Respectfully [[strikethrough]] referred to [[/strikethrough]] returned to Bvt. Brig Gen & Lt. Col Allan Rutherford, calling attention to remarks of Gen. Burns, Chf. C.S.

J.M. Means
1st Lt 8 Inf & ACS

Jan 14th 1867