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NARA 247

March 31st 1866
Dr Lane requests that rations be given two old people on his Plantation. wants rations furnished them for one month at a time. Draw them & leave them with McLaurin until the Dr sends for them
Names of the People March & Dianna

[[strikethrough]] March [[/strikethrough]] April 2nd 1866 "Monday" drawn by McWright clerk
Rations drawn for 2 men & 8 women & 10 children for 7 days = 105 Rations

April 2nd 1866
Rations Drawn for 1 man 2 women & 6 children for 7 days = 49 Rations 
seperate Requisition

April 2nd 1866
Rations Drawn for 5 Destitute Women & 5 Men for 7 days from date
Miselanious Rations = 70 Rations

[[strikethrough]] Apl 5th [[/strikethrough]] March 26th
Rations drawn & Issued to Destitute Freedmen in Sub Dist Wilmington
No 20 Men 106 Women 232 children for four days = 945 Rations


April 5th
Rations drawn & [[strikethrough]] Is [[/strikethrough]] Sub Dist Wil for 20 Men 106 Women & 250 children for seven days = 1757 Rations.

April 6th 1866
Collected from Mr P. Murphy - the sum of $12 for Apprenticing twelve children for which I gave him a receipt as clerk for Maj Mann then Asst Supt

Apl 9th
Rations Drawn [[strikethrough]] by [[/strikethrough]] for one man 3 women 7 children 7 days = 49 Rations
Seperate Return by Maj Mann
3 Women 5 Children 7 days = 35 Rations
Sept Return by Maj Mann

Apl 6th "Friday Ration Day"
Rations Issued to Freedmen in Sub Dist Wilmington to 9 Men 45 Women & 73 children 90 Total - 630 Rations

Apl 10th
Rations drawn for 12 men 60 women 7 days = 504 Rations
144 Women & children
seperate Return
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