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Cash Payment
N-B Flying Club Association

Application For Membership

I, Michael A. Gitt, herby make application for membership in the Barren Island Chapter of the N-B Flying Club Association and herewith submit $I35.00) Dollars ($ I35.00 in payment on said membership, to be deposited in Bank of U.S. Bank at Bay Parkway in escrow to the account of Barren Island Chapter of the N-B Flying Club Association.

It is understood that immediately $3000. Dollars ($3000.) is on deposit in said bank to said account $3000. Dollars ($3000.) is to be paid to the Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Co., Inc., in payment on one new Barling NB-3 Airplane.

It is further understood that in even $3000. Dollars($3000.) has not been subscribed within a period of Ninety (90) days from date, I am to have the privilege of withdrawing my application for membership and membership fee is to be refunded.

It is further understood and agreed that upon the satisfactory completion of of above payment I am to become owner of I/30 interest in the assets of Barren Island Chapter of the N-B Flying Club Association and am to have the privilege of solo flying at minimum cost.

I hereby agree to pay to the _____ Chapter of the N-B Flying Club Association, in addition to the above, $ _____ the first month after _____ Chapter is in operation for _____ hours dual instruction; $ ______ the third month for _____ hours instruction and _____ hours _____ flying; $______the fourth month for _____ hours _____ flying; $____the fifth month for ____ hours of _____ flying; $ _____ the sixth month for ______ hours of _____ flying.

Signed the IIth day of October, 1930 at 2262-59th St. B'klyn.

Received by Gorman Aero Sales _____ Applicant

Oct. IIth.
Received $5.00 as deposit for reservation of membership in club.
Adam. Gorman

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In the type writer portion of the transcription I's were used in place of 1's

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