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19 (b). Consult a copy of the announcement of this examination to ascertain the specific requirements to be met. Copy may be had in person or by mail from nearest first- or second-class post office. Give a detailed description of all experience which you offer to meet each requirement stated in the announcement, followed by any collateral or supporting experience; give the dates covering each such item to identify it with the dates of the corresponding item listed in Question 19 (a). Show all salary changes, and date of such changes, occurring during each period of experience described below, the number and classes of employees, if any under your supervision, and your reason for leaving such employment.

My experience for the job of Airway Traffic Control operator is qualified under paragraph f under experience

I have logged over 600 hrs in the last 5 yrs & I hold a pilots certificate of competency #26,481 issued about June 19 3 yr. My pilots certificate was last renewed in Sept. 1938 - expires March 31, 1939.

I have about 550 cross country hours & I have flown over 200 hrs this last year

For more detailed information of my experience please consult the enclosed form-B3 65. 


20. Give the names and home and business addresses of five persons, other than those listed in answer to Question 19, now living in the United States, who have knowledge of your character, experience, and ability (do NOT give names of relatives).

| Full name | Home address (street, number, city, and State) | Business address (street, number, city, and State) | Business or occupation |
|Capt Gil Robb Wilson| |State Office Bldg Trenton, N.J.| State com of aviation|
|George F.Mand| |Pres. Bt eliambe| |
|Dr. Famil Caterr|1500 Thermal  Aug.|Cơm. Same|Personal plumping|
|Sam. M. Anebach 2855 Claflin Ave N.Y. N.Y|Inning Master Samuel LP. Post|[[?]]|
|Mr. Ernie h. Ray| N.W.55| |flight surgeon| 

21. Have you any objection to the Commission's making inquiry regarding your character, qualifications, etc., of your present employer?.......___
Yes or No

22. Do you read and translate readily any foreign language?........______
Yes or No

Indicate Which------------------------


Publications, theses, or reports, if called for by the announcement of the examination for which you are applying, must be filed with this application, unless otherwise stated in the announcement. When a complete list of publications is called for in the examination announcement, state title of each publication, when, where, and by whom each was published, and where a copy can be found. Each paper submitted should bear the applicant's name and address and the name of the examination for which application is filed.


If the examination for which this application is filed is UNASSEMBLED, that is, if competitors are NOT required to assemble in an examination room, ATTACH SECURELY IN THIS SPACE a photograph of yourself taken within the past two years, not a group photograph or proof, and not larger than 2 1/2 inches square. 


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