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Have you any special qualifications, such as mechanical, electrical, radio, airplane rigging, etc.? Yes I had been employed as a sheet metal mechanic in Aircraft factories
Do you hold a Dept. Commerce license?: Airplane(yes or no) No No. Engine (yes or no) No 
No. Radio operator (yes or no) Yes No. P-2-4974 Parachute rigger (yes or no) No No.
On what types and makes of airplane engine have you had considerable experience. Continental-A-40
Challenger, Kinner, Szekely.
(a) Overhauling Continental and Aeronca
(b) Maintaining and trouble shooting On all of the above named engines
Name Standard Flying Service Address Basking Ridge, N.J. Why did you leave? Now employed | Pilot $170 Mo. | Aerial Photos Student Inst.| From Dec 15, 1939 To still Employed
Name Unger Aircraft Inc. Address Hadley Field, New Bruns. N.J. Why did you leave? Reduced earnings | Pilot $200 Mo | Charter Stud. Instr. Photos. Etc | From 3/39 To 11/25/39
Name Aero Service Corp. Address 236 E. Courtland St. Phila, Pa. Why did you leave? Seasonal slack (winter) | Photo Pilot $140 Mo. | Aerial Photos | From 10/1/38 To 1/15/39
Name Bennett Air Service Address Hightstown, N.J. Why did you leave? Seasonal slack (winter) | Pilot Land & Water $120 Mo. | Student Instr. | From 7/1/38 To 9/26/38
Name General News Service Address 5 E. 57 St. New York, N.Y. Why did you leave? Company went out of business | Photo Pilot $150 Mo. | Aerial Photos | From 5/1/38 To 6/30/38
If this application is favorably considered will you accept assignment to any of the company's stations in South America? Yes
Have you experience in foreign countries (State number of years, country, kind of service) No
If not employed at present, state reason Now employed by Standard Flying Service
State amount and source of private income Income from employment only
State amount and nature of any personal insurance carried by you None