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April 17, 1940

Operations Manager
Northwest Airlines Inc.
Holmann Municipal Airport,
St. Paul, Minn.

Dear Sir:
On January 27, 1940 I wrote you a letter stating my qualifications and requesting a position as Co-pilot with Northwest Airlines. I have not as yet received an answer. Perhaps my letter went astray.In that case I am again submitting my experience:

I have twelve hundred hours certified time in my log book, of which about five hundred hours is in cross-country flying. I hold the following ratings:
(1) Class I and 2S land
(2) Instrument Rating
(3) Flight Instructor

My flying has been in both land and water type of aircraft. At my most recent job I have been flying Stinsons, Model SR-9. I have done student instruction,Charterwork and aerial photography. My license was originally issued in 1932 and the number is 26,481. I also hold a third-class radiophone license, numberP-2-4974, issued June 21, 1938.

I am married and have no children. My wife is my sole dependent.

At present I am employed in the Civilian Pilot Training Program giving student instruction. The reason for my desiring a change is that the nature of my work is seasonal,and therefore, would like some steady form of employment, something with a definite assured future.

Have you, at present,an opening for Co-Pilot for one of my qualifications.

Very truly yours,

Michael A. Gitt
822 Park Ave.,
Plainfield, N.J.