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2. The other possible cause is the fact that people in the business are sometimes too prone to take things for granted. Some people have forgotten the grief and heartaches that went into building up this business and got it where it is today. This is particularly true where we read about a non-scheduled airliner going to his first point of landing and finding out when he got there that the airport was closed. We find he had not provided for this contingency by putting on board enough fuel at the start of the flight to enable him to go to the alternate designated in his flightplan. This caused an attempt to be made at approaching the field, and another crackup was chalked up. Another time, a non-scheduled operator did not stop long enough to ascertain the cause of an oil leak in on engine- chalk up another crackup.
In summation let me say this: we have better means of communications, such as V.H.F. Why aren't they in use? We have known of VHF since before the war. We still have the antiquated and extremely limited and vulnerable "single party line telephone". Various plans for approach control have bogged down for lack of communications. Money is being spent by CAA for Instrument Landing System (I.L.S.) and Ground Control Approach (G.C.A.) but we are still handicapped by communications.
With regard to those people who are taking this business for granted, I have this to say: Safety is an expensive but necessary item. Let us not give ground on those safety practices and devices now in use. Let us not give ground on those safety practices and devices now in use. Let us look for new ones. Let everybody in this business be safety conscious and remember that there is no substitute for safety.
Michael A. Gitt
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