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His Majesty's Ship Comus Sheerness.
[[5 columned table]]
| Week days | No of days | Winds | No. of Sig's | Remarks & Occurrences Oct. 1814. |
| --- | --- | --- | --- | --- |
| Sunday | 2d | N.E. |   | Strong Breezes & fine AM Captain Taileur commissioned the Ship  PM/ Same W'r [[Same weather]]  Midnight weather as above | 
| Monday | 3d | S.E. |   | AM/. Fresh breezes & Cloudy. Caulkers emp'd. caulking the Quarter deck & Forecastle. PM/ Same W'r  Employed as above Mid't fine w'r |
| Tuesday | 4th | Easterly |   | AM/. Moderate and fine Imploy'd variously caulkers and Shipwrights employed as requests. PM/. Fresh breeses & Cloudy W'r  Bricklayers putting up the Range  Midt. Same Weather. |
| Wednesday | 5th | S.W. |   | AM/. Moderate & fine. Artificers employ'd as Requisite. PM/. Fresh breeses. Mid't Same Weather. |
| Thursday | 6th | West'ly. |   | AM/. Fine Weather. Caulkers & Shipwrights employ'd variously. Joined the Ship Lieu't Pierce, a party of 12 Men was lent from the Namur to set the Rigging  Rec'd fresh beef & vegetables.  PM/. Same W'r. Employ'd as before.  Mid't. Same Weather. |
| Friday | 7th | W.S.W. |   | AM/. Fresh Breeses & Cloudy.  People employed about the rigging and otherwise as necessary.  Artifices employ'd variously.  PM/. Same W'r.  Employed as above  Mid't. Same Weather. |
| Saturday | 8th | W.S.W. |   | AM/. Fresh breeses & Cloudy.  Employed clearing the hold, and as otherwise necessary. Boatswain employed with a party in the rigging loft.  PM/. Same W'r.  Mid't. Same W'r. |
| Sunday | 9th | West. |   | AM/. Fresh breeses & fine.  Employed variously.  PM/. Same Weather.  Mid't. Same Weather. |
| Monday | 10th | W.N.W. |   | AM/. Moderate and fine.  Employed cleaning the Hold, and fitting the Rigging in the rigging loft. Artificers employed variously.  PM/. Same Weather  Employed as above  Mid't. Same Weather. |
| Tuesday | 11th | N.N.E. |   | AM/. Fresh breezes and fine  Employed stowing the iron Ballast and as Necessary.  PM/. Same Weather  Employ'd as above  Mid't. Same Weather. |

Transcription Notes:
Sheerness was a town in England where this ship was made ready and repaired for her trip. Mid't - Midnight D^o W'r - same weather - so same weather as above in the AM, for instance. Could one column be "No of Sig's" - abbrev. was used for "sightings". They recorded if they saw a ship. AM/. and PM/. is followed by Do W'r - meaning "same weather" Look at the 4th. It says "Mid't d^o Weather." which is "d^o" as a ditto, meaning, "the same".

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