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{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
Well um, I think then Mr. Lee, Mr. uh, can, can uh give us his account and if you'd be kind enough to translate as we go. Could you explain, ask him to speak in short sentence and then wait for you to say it in English before he continues?

{{indistinct muttering in background}}

{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
Oh absolutely. Perfect, perfect, yes, if you want to interview him --

[indistinct muttering in background]

{SPEAKER name="Speaker 2"}
[Spanish] A mi me gustaria que Jose Luis Lee les platicara algo cerca de el-el, las formas en que el se inicio en el trabajo de la madera.

{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
Okay um.. Miss Gonzales is asking Mr. Lee for him to express how this development of his craft and work happened.

{SPEAKER name="Mr.Lee"}
[Spanish] Bueno, yo empecé a trabajar la madera como una especie de hobby, no, pero pero miré que todo me empezó a salir bien, e pues ahí empecé a - a vivir ya de eso. pero, [[?]] yo no tenía mucha experiencia en este tipo de trabajo y [[?]] en aquel tiempo, cuando yo empezaba a ver unos carpinteros cuando tenía mucho prestigio.

{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
Umm, at first I began, umm, I had no formal training in terms of woodworking. What started as, as basically, my success now, was basically as a hobby. And then I noticed that I was having a lot of success in terms of the responses that I was getting from people.

{SPEAKER name="Speaker 1"}
And that is when I began learning from some of the experienced wood workers in the area.

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Needs transcription for the Spanish portion of the video.