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APRIL 17, 1978/NEW YORK 85

Recommendations of events, places, and phenomena of particular interest this week

By Ellen Stern

The Inner Tube

"TV is so boring. Here, at least, we are dealing with something real, something legitimate. We are bringing the best experimental, avant-garde, esoteric arts of the world...originating in SoHo, New York." So says Jaime Davidovich, who has, for the past two years, been picking and choosing and taping the artist who will perform whatever it is they perform on his new weekly cable-TV show. They range from John Cage to Vincent Trasov, a Canadian artist who recently dressed himself up as Mr. Peanut, pranced through the streets, suggested changing Vancouver's name to Miami so the weather would improve, and ran for mayor of that city. Somewhere in between, there's art critic Gregory Battcock and company doing a spoof on museum outreach programs, and artist Robert Kushner modeling some costumes he has designed. The artist romps around nude; his fashions may be equally tasteless. And so on. The April 17 program is a platform for Julia Heyward (right), who will offer subliminal visuals, poetry, and voice work. "We are not competing with anybody," says executive director Davidovich. Indeed.
SOHO TELEVISION/Mondays at 9 p.m./Channel 10

Lizbeth Marano

[[image - photograph by Lizbeth Marano]]

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[[image - photograph by Lizbeth Marano]]