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Submitting an entry to PRINTS: WASHINGTON for jurying and, if accepted, for exhibition constitutes an agreement on the part of the artist to all the conditions set forth herein.
Neither The Washington Print Club nor The Phillips Collection ("the cosponsors") nor the Smithsonian Institution shall be responsible in case of loss or damage to submitted work. The works will be insured only while exhibited at the Phillips Collection.
The cosponsors reserve the right to photograph works and to reproduce the photographs in a catalogue or for publicity purposes. The cosponsors reserve the right to mat, remat, frame and reframe any work accepted for exhibition, in their sole discretion.
No work accepted for exhibition may be withdrawn by the artist or subsequent owner prior to the conclusion of the exhibition. The cosponsors reserve the right in their sole discretion to withdraw and return works from the exhibition at any time.
Unless the legal ownership of the work changes, the work will be returned only to the artist submitting the entry form or a person named on the entry form as authorized to receive the work. The naming of a person on the entry form constitutes the artist's consent to accept that person's signature as binding with regard to all the terms of any receipt and release form required by the cosponsors. If legal ownership of the work changes while the work is in the custody of the cosponsors, the new owner will be required to establish his or her legal right to receive the work by proof satisfactory to the cosponsors in their sole discretion. If the artist dies or is adjudged bankrupt and the cosponsors are so notified by appropriate authority, the work will not be surrendered except to a duly certified, court-appointed personal representative, trustee in bankruptcy, or similar fiduciary acceptable to the cosponsors in their sole discretion.
The valuation shown on the entry form is stated by the artist and is not an appraisal or endorsement of value by the cosponsors. The fact that a work has been in the custody of the cosponsors shall not be misused to indicate that the work is in The Phillips Collection or to indicate endorsement by the cosponsors.

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