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     32 East 51 Street
     New York 22, N. Y.
                         B E N   S H A H
BORN   in Russia, 1898. Came to the United States 
       in 1906. Attended New York University and 
       City College of New York, 1919-22, 
       majoring in biology, Studied at the 
       National Academy of design. Traveled in 
       Europe and North Africa, 1925-27-29. 
       Photographer and designer for Farm 
       Security Administation, 1935-38. Designed 
       posters for Office of the War 
       Information,1942, and for C.I.O., 1944-46. 
       Taught at Boston Museum Summer School, 
       Pittsfield, Mass., 1947; University of 
       Colorado Summmer School, North Carolina, 
       1951; Brooklyn Museum, 1956-57. Permanent 
       residence in Roosevelt, New Jersey, where 
       he is a councilman.
ONE-MAN EXHIBITIONS:  The Down Gallery, 1930, 
        1932 (Sacco-Vanzetti Series), 1933 
        (Mooney Series), 1944, 1949, 1951 
        (drawings),1952, 1955: Julien Levy 
        Gallery, 1940; Retrospective at Museum of 
        Modern Art (and cicuit) 1947; Arts 
        Council of Great Britain ( London and 
        circuit) 1947; Institute of Contemporary 
        Art, Boston, 1948 and 1957; Contemporary 
        Arts Museum, Houston, Texas, 1952; Art 
        Institute of Chicago (drawings) 1954; 
        Venice Biennale, 1954; Fogg Art Museum, 
        1956; St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, 
        Indiana(drawings), 1958.;1959. Downtown 
        Gallery-Graphics, 1959.
       Portfolio "Lavana and Our Ladies of 
       Sorrow" by Ben Shahn, published by Philip 
       VanDoren Stern, 1931
       "Ben Shahn" by James Thrall Soby, Penguin, 
       Catalogue - Museum of Modern Art, 1947
       "Ben Shahn" biographical study by Selden 
       Rodman, Harper & Brothers, 1951
       "The Shape of Content" The Charles Eliot 
       Norton Lectures by Ben Shahn, Harvard 
       University Press, 1957
       "Ben Shahn - His Graphic Art" by James 
       Thrall Soby, George Braziller, Inc., 1957
       Feature Articles:
       Hound and Horn, 1933
       Magazine of Art, April 1944; October 1946
       Creative Art, June 1932
       Art News, November 10, 1944; May 1949
       '48 Magazine of the Year, January 1948; 
       June 1948
       Omnibook, March 1948
       Imago, Autumn 1949 
       Look, June 1950
       Portfolio, 1950
       Perspectives USA. Fall, 1952
       Life, October 4, 1954
       Kunsten Idag, No, L, Oslo, 1956
       Goya, Madrid, 1957
       Impression, September 1957
       Art in America, January 1958
       Various issues of Fortune, Harper's 
       Magazinz, The New Republic, Town and 
       country, Charm, Seventeen, Lamp (November 
       1953), and many books, including "Thirteen 
       Poems" by Wilfred Owen, Gehenna Press, 
       1956; "Homage to Mistress Bradstreet" by 
       John Berryman, Farrar Straus & Cudahy, 
       1956; "The Sorrows of Priapus" by Esward 
       Dahlberg, New Directions, 1957.
AWARDS:  Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 
      1939 and 1952, Temple Gold Medal 1956; "Ten 
      Best Painters" Look Poll, February 1948; 
      Museum of Sao Paulo International 
      Exhibition, 1953;Venice Biennale, 
      1954;American Institute of Graphic 
      Arts,Institute Medal for 1958;Annual 
      Award,North Shore Art Festival, 1959
Andover, Massachusetts      Addison Gallery of  
                            American Art

Ann Arbor, Michigan         University of 

Athens, Georgia             University of Georgia

Auburn, Alabama             Alabama Polytechnic


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