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MARCH - 1940


This Bulletin contains, in addition to an editorial by Edward Bruce, complete statements of the conditions governing the competitions announced herein.  These should be studied in detail by all competing artists.  For artists planning to enter the Social Security Building Mural and Sculpture Competitions, the clear and illuminating statement: "The Meaning of Social Security" by A.J. Altmeyer, Chairman of the Social Security Board, should be considered "must" reading.  In his letter to Edward Bruce, Henry Varnum Poor goes to the fundamentals of mural painting.



To the Artists  By Edward Bruce -----------------------------------  3

A Letter to Edward Bruce  By Henry Varnum Poor --------------------  4

The Meaning of Social Security 
By A. J. Altmeyer Chairman, Social Security Board -----------------  5

General Requirements Applying to All Competitions -----------------  8

Competitions for Mural Paintings - Social Security Building -------  9

Competition for Sculptures - Social Security Building ------------- 12

Competition for Murals and Sculptures - 
U.S. Maritime Commission Vessel ----------------------------------- 13