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The competition designs for both mural schemes will be judged in Washington by an advisory jury to the Section of Fine Arts composed of the following painters: Marguerite Zorach of New York City; Edward Biberman of Los Angeles, California; Kindred McLeary, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; and Franklin C. Watkins of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Any designs submitted in competition for this mural scheme must observe the following specific requirements:


Designs must be in the scale of two inches equals one foot. The three designs for the three panels of the mural must be submitted in full color mounted or carried out on a single sheet of cardboard sufficiently stiff to remain flat and submitted without glass. Each design must have a white border two inches wide. The mount, therefore, must be 34" wide by 28" high. Rendering of the architectural details is not required.

In addition, a full size detail of any part of the design must be submitted. This detail in full color should be two feet square.


The auditorium mural scheme will consist of three panels at the back of the stage of the auditorium of the following dimensions:

1. 3' 8 3/4" wide by 11' 10" high
2. 7' 10"    wide by 11' 10" high
3. 3' 8 3/4" wide by 11' 10" high

The two side panels swing to either side and the central panel slides so that all three panels are out of sight when the moving picture screen is in use in the auditorium. The height of the stage above the auditorium floor is three feet four inches. The base of the mural is two feet six inches above the floor of the stage. The mural will be lighted entirely by artificial light from spotlights installed on either side of the stage for this purpose. The side walls of the auditorium are finished with a bleached walnut wood veneer and the ceiling is plaster. On entering the auditorium the mural will be seen from a distance of one hundred and seventeen feet. Further details of the mural space are indicated in the blue prints for which competitors must apply.


The mural paintings must be executed on canvas to be applied to the screens. The medium of the painting may be oil or tempera or other suitable mediums. The panels cannot be executed in fresco due to the weight of the material.


The amount to be paid for the three panels is $3,520. This amount must cover all expenses for the execution and installation of the mural paintings.


The auditorium of the Social Security Building will be used for official conferences and hearings. It will also be used for educational purposes, for the training of employees of the Social Security Board, and for recreational purposes of the employees of the Social Security Board.