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May 1, 1978

Mr. Jacob Lawrence
4316 37th Avenue, N.E.
Seattle, Washington 98105

Dear Mr. Lawrence:

Words cannot express the gratitude we feel toward your consent to the exhibition of your works here at Spelman College. Needless to say, the response has been overwhelming. As you may imagine, your works are well respected here in the Atlanta University Center since a few of your earlier paintings are part of the collection at Spelman ("Praying Ministers") and Atlanta University ("Playland" and Brownstones"). 

To have this opportunity to exhibit your later pieces is an honor we shall always cherish. They have been viewed by many persons from many categories; public school children, the Art community, the Atlanta community in general, as well as the University Center.

We exhibited those earlier works along with your later ones, thus creating a fascinating transition in terms of your concepts. You may be interested to know that one of the viewers, Dr. John Hall, a Pediatrician here in Atlanta, says he was a Navy man on the same ship with you during the time you both served. He was intrigued by your painting "The Serengeti" and anxious to know if there were prints of it.

Everyone was disappointed that you were unable to visit Spelman College during the showing of your works, however, we certainly hope this will one day be possible - for surely meeting you personally would be greatly inspirational to us all. I am enclosing the poster invitation, the catalogue and clippings concerning the exhibition which ended April 21 in the Fine Arts Building, then extended until April 27 within the home of the College President, Dr. Donald Stewart.

My best personal regards and sincere thanks.

Yours truly,
Jenelsie W. Holloway
Jenelsie W. Holloway
Acting Chairperson
Department of Art