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Jacob Lawrence
4316 37th Avenue N.E.
Seattle, Washington 98105

May 23rd 1978

Ms. Jenelsie W. Holloway
Acting Chairperson
Department of Art
Spelman College
Atlanta, Georgia 30314

Dear Ms. Holloway:

Thank you for your very kind letter of May 1st, 1978, in regards to my exhibition that was held at Spelman College April 7-21 1978. Of course I was most pleased to learn that the exhibition was so well received not only by the community in general but by the art community and Spelman College in particular. I consider it an honor to have been invited to have this exhibition at Spelman College.

I wish to thank you for forwarding the reviews, catalogues and posters pertaining to the exhibition. I am complimented also by the beautiful design of both the catalogue and the poster. I do treasure them.

Both my wife and I also regret that we were unable to attend Spelman College during the time of the exhibition. This was not due to a lack of interest on my part, but due to commitments and obligations here at school...especially at this time..the end of the school year.

Again, I thank you for your interest and wish Spelman College continued growth and success.


Jacob Lawrence

P.S. Since we will be away from Seattle for about four weeks beginning the middle of would be greatly appreciated if the works that are to be returned to me are forwarded in time for us to receive them here in Seattle