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When the time is Right
Draft 1


We collaborate because after years of hour long phone calls we know our sensibilities and predilections are close. We share many viewpoints. From movies to Lygia Clarke to politics, and menopause. Everything. After more then 30 years, we continue to believe in our artist gifts.

2 When you talk to us, see our work and share in our performative tasks, you’re experiencing a generation. Our lives are twined with Jimi Hendrix, “Apocalips Nop”, Vietnam, Gulf War, War on Terrorism, Civil Rights Movement, etc 

3 Formal concerns that have evolved include an interest in ephemerality, simple/ordinary materials, presence of inglorious nature, Conceptually healing and hope and humor are inspirations.

We've been waiting in the wings quietly. but now free this is our wail. We're a pretty unlikely pair for the stardom engendered by Hollywood, but why not? We've lived and cared about many things. These “things” have comprised the lives we bring to the work, which we seek to share with you.

5 We are both painfully aware of our identities as African American women of a certain age and a certain work (not solely figurative or colorful or political) have been factors in our relative obscurity. Frankly, the work we do has not been [[strikethrough]] each other [[/strikethrough]] ever been fully supported by the established powers. This has proven difficult. Our agendas have not always been popular. It is good for an audience to know practitioners who are alive and well, committed to work. We thrive. We are the anonymous cultural workers unknown [[strikethrough]] unavailable [[/strikethrough]] to most students. By example, we are important. Students see that it is possible to have a life in art. and to see the necessity for such a life. Who talks about the stuff we talk about in the way we talk about it?

Other parts of life don't do that
[[strikethrough]] We also share [[/strikethrough]]
And then [[strikethrough]] also [[/strikethrough]] there are also those numerical pointers and place [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] name pointers: Senga's numbers -- (name them) and Maren's places. Maren currently lives on Colorado Ave and previously lived in East Hampton.

[[left margin]] We saw a movie when afterwards a bomb exploded in [[?]]characters fear for Nara in Colorado Springs
[[/left margin]]