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The action of the play takes place on a West Indian Island not yet self determined by white marines. The form of government is, for the moment, an Empire.

SCENE 1 - Mid-afternoon. The Audience Chamber in the Palace of the Emperor.

SCENE 2 - Nightfall. The end of the Plain where the Forest begins. The Place of the Formless Fears.

SCENE 3 - Nine o'clock. In the Forest. The Moon has Risen.

SCENE 4 - Eleven o'lcock. In the Forest.

SCENE 5 - One o'clock. A large circular clearing.

SCENE 6 - Three o'clock. A Cleared place in the Forest, the hold of a Slave Ship.

SCENE 7 - Five o'clock. The foot of a gigantic tree by the edge of a great river. The Witch Doctor and his God.

SCENE 8 - Dawn. Same as Scene 2.

From the beginning of the Second scene the house will remain in darkness until the final curtain.


OVERTURE - The Barber of Seville --------------------- Rossini

SCENES FROM AN IMAGINARY BALLET ---------------------- S. Coleridge Taylor
Arranged by Elliott Schenck 

THREE ARABIAN DANCES --------------------------------- *Montague Ring

ADAGIO FROM SONATA PATHATIQUE--------------------------Beethoven

COLUMBINE -------------------------------------------- Walter W. Smith
Arranged by Chas. J. Roberts

EVENING MOOD ----------------------------------------- Czerwonky
Arranged by Chas. J. Roberts

*Miss Ring is the daughter of Ira Aldridge, the American Negro who was recognized in London, Berlin and Petrograd, as one of the greatest tragedians of his generation.

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