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March 26, 1963

To: June Wayne, Director
From: Louise Nevelson

This letter will confirm my acceptance of appointment as a Fellow at the Tamarind Lithography Workshop for a two-month period beginning May 1, 1963.

I understand that Tamarind will provide for my transportation from New York City to Los Angeles by air jet tourist and return.

It is my understanding also that I will receive one half of my grant ($500) on arrival, and that I will receive the second half of my grant ($500) on the 1st of June 1963.

Should any circumstances arise which might make it impossible for me to substantially complete the term of my fellowship, I further understand it would be necessary to make an adjustment in the amount of the grant which I am to receive. 

I have read the two statements -- FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM and DETAILS OF FELLOWSHIPS (revised Oct. 4, 1962) -- and in accepting appointment as a Fellow, I agree to all terms and conditions set forth in those statements.

I will agree that at the termination of my stay at the Workshop, I will assist in the preparation of a complete record of the work  I have done, this record to indicate the number of proofs and prints which I will keep as my property, the number of proofs which will become the property of the printer, and the number of impressions which will become the property of Tamarind Lithography Workshop. To facilitate preparation of this record, I agree that should I wish to remove any of my prints from the Workshop premises prior to the completion of my Fellowship, I will so inform the Director and will give full information about any and all such prints.

Louise Nevelson