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TAMARIND LITHOGRAPHY WORKSHOP, INC. 1112 N. Tamarind Avenue, Los Angeles 38, California

July 18, 1963

Miss Louise Nevelson
29 Spring Street
New York City, New York

Dear Louise:

First things first! Your twenty-six editions have been packed, crated and shipped to you Railway Express and should reach you within a very few days. As you asked us to do, one print from each edition was sent to Jean Lipman at Art In America, making a total of 26 prints sent her.

As soon as we get the bill from Cart and Crate, the shipping firm, I'll fill in your check which I have been guarding carefully, almost to the point of putting it under my pillow, and will let you know the exact amount. This should be in a day or so. I will add on to it, as agreed,$70 for the additional prints of edition No. 830A.

The presentation proofs were recalled and June and I destroyed them. We have kept the fragments carrying your signature and the legend as as evidence of the torn prints. They are in our records, should you want them. The documentation was retyped to show a total of eleven presentation proofs extant. I don't think it necessary to send to it to you as it would probably be bothersome for you to return it, and you can sign it when you are in Los Angeles again.

In the meantime, the Tamarind Impressions have gone to the collectors. However, as you know, we cannot quote any prices since you left none with us. To facilitate matters, I am enclosing a list of the editions by number. All you need do is jot the prices by number and return the list to me. As soon as you decide, let me know.

Everyone misses you, and in the morning as I drive on Santa Monica I unvoluntarily glance at the bench near Hayvenhurst and half expect to see you sitting there! I hope your summer will be happy, but, as I write this I realize that in your parts of the country it is halfway over. We, the lotus-eaters, expect to worship the sun god for another three months. Fond greetings to everyone I know and much love to you, and how soon do you come this way again?

[[signature]] Susan [[/signature}}

SJ; mos

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