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A Cooperative Publishing Society
112 East 19 Street, New York

August 24, 1938

Miss Elizabeth McCausland,
50 Commerce Street,
New York, N. Y.

Dear Miss McCausland:

We rise to cheer your grand, three dimensional portrait of Lew Hine. It not only does him a great favor - but Survey Graphic too. So far as I can see, the editing will be quite minor. Has Lew Hine read it in final draft? Yes – just – did and OK'd it.

I should like very much to run Berenice Abbott's portrait of him. Lew is coming in tomorrow (Thursday) (came Today) to see whether there is room for a spread of his pictures in connection with this article. At the moment, in order to get it into the October issue, I am rather worried about space - don't think we will have room for a spread; and I agree with you, a picture of Hine himself would be better.

Thank you for your swift team play.

Sincerely yours,


Victor Weybright,
Managing Editor.

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PS Here at The Survey I am afraid we have explored the possibility of collectors or philanthropists, who might be able to assist Hine, to the hilt. When Florence and Paul Kellogg get back after Labor Day we will see if we can canvass any more possibilities. In the meantime, quite confidentially, despite the fact that our own budget is straitened, we have managed to make a modest advance on future assignments to him. VW

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Transcription Notes:
corrected: Berenice