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August 8, 1949

Justice N. B. Johnson,
P. O. Box 3101,
State Capitol Building,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Dear Nap:-

I have talked over your letter of August 2nd wherein we discussed the question of inviting organizations to send representatives to our convention who might send Negro representatives to our convention, with Ben Dwight as you suggested. Ben thinks that it is a little risky thing to do. Hiram Clark is here in the house as I write this, and Hiram agrees that we should not try it at least not yet. So on the advice of Ben I have decided, subject to your approval, not to invite any of the white organizations tosend [[to send]] delegates this year. Jim Curry says that the full blood Indians will discuss a lot better if only Indians are present. He says they will feel much more that it is their own organization if they do not have to do a lot of talking before a lot of white folks, and that we will have a better convention if we are not loaded down with a passel of white visitors. Ben says he thinks Jim has something there, and he would suggest that we just do not ask anyone of the organizations. So I shall not send out any more invitations. I had asked a D. A. R. lady, who says she is coming, so I will tell her she can be there as my special guest. And I have invited another very wealthy woman I know that I want to get interested in NCAI to give us some money some day. But she too can come as my personal guest. Beyond that I will not invite any one else.

Ben says that he thinks it would be advisable for you to get out a special letter to all the heads of the Oklahoma tribes, and to other leaders in Oklahoma urging them to go to the Rapid City convention. If you have not already done this, will you get out such a letter right away? I have already written all thetribes [[the tribes]] in the U. S. and sent them a convention call, but Ben thinks you should send another letter in addition.

I got the check you sent for $204.00. Thanks.


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