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Monarch Air Lines Inc.
General Offices: Stapleton Airfield, Denver 7, Colorado

October 5, 1949

Mrs. Ruth N. Bronson
Editor and Secretary N. C. A. I.
1426 35th Street
Washington, D. C.

Dear Mrs. Bronson:
  Enclosed please find the cut we promised to send you. I am sorry that I am unable to name all of the men in the pictures for you, but am sure that you will know all of them.

  I would appreciate it if you would add to the bottom of the story you send in to accompany the pictures the following:

"Please credit Western Air Lines and Monarch Air Lines for photo".

It has indeed been a pleasure to work with you and if there is anything in the future please call on us.

Very truly yours,


Charlie Wunder
Director of News Bureau